About Jason

I’ve been inspired by many influential people in my life, and now I want to give back through teaching my love for plants and nature. Won’t you join me at Divisions by Jason – Darlington’s newest creative destination were cultivating and creativity go hand-in-hand!

A transplant to the area over 17 years ago, I bring to you the love of not only growing specialty cut flowers, but also creating magic with them.

I remember asking my parents at the ripe old age of 10 if I could have a garden, and of course they thought, ‘He’ll only plant a few things.’ Well, lo and behold, to their amazement, when they came home I had hand-dug a 10’x20’ area of sod and there I planted the seed that is now Divisions Cut Flowers.

I began my floral career at a shop in Green Bay, WI, in 1999 as anyone in the floral industry does: by washing buckets and making cookie-cutter bouquets and such. Fast-forward to 2004 when I moved to the Driftless Region and became the floral manager for the former Terrills Garden Center. That, my friends, is where my relationship with and love for the Mineral Point area began. After leaving that job, I started what was Chateau, a floral and home store in nearby Darlington, and created many wedding and event designs over the last decade. And after all these years, I’m still playing with flowers!

After years of designing with wholesale house flowers and the lack of consistency and product, I began growing my own specialty cut flowers to help supplement my supplies for event work. What was once a few dahlias and some lilies has grown into nearly 2 acres of specialty, seasonal cut flowers grown right here in the Driftless Region of Darlington, WI, and Leaf River, IL.

It’s true what they say: If you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life! I hope to be able to inspire the 10-year-old in all of you who started with a garden and became a designer who loves to dream and create with flowers!”